Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I know I'm adding updates at breakneck speed, but these are pretty sweet so bear with me. I added tagging and accents though I haven't added many tags or implemented anything regarding accents. You can no search by syllable count and build dictionaries accordingly. I added a new function to SMUP.

(tags( "hello" ))

Would return the tags of the word hello, if it had any (which it doesn't). None the less, you can search by tags and add your own if you please. Due to the addition of new data old dictionaries no longer work. I can help you if you are really attached to an old dictionary. e-mail me at dtolkacz at gmail dot com.

This is pretty much the first attempt I've made to add a semantic component to im3. This will improve as time goes on and additionally, more semantic components will be added. Assonance will be reworked. Words assonate on the accent of other words (according to me) and this is how (in the future) assonance will be implemented. There are plans to expand the dictionary. The dictionary contains about 60k words so far, but is by no means complete. The search algorithm is really fast so the only thing that would be affected by expanding it is load time which has been vastly reduced. Word maxes have been eradicated. You can add as many words as your memory allows (soon).

The new system may be slightly temperamental. Please notify me of any crashes/bugs. I will fix and update ASAP.

Thanks and enjoy.


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